Aircraft Rentals

Tail NumberYearTypeBlockRegularPhotos & Specs
N6338D2008Cessna 172SP G1000$164.25$182.50
N1129K2006Cessna 172SP G1000$164.25$182.50
N375CS2014Cessna 172SP G1000$177.75$197.50
N985BT2015Cessna 172SP G1000$186.75$207.50
N6095S2008Piper Archer III Avidyne$155.25$172.50
N536142003Cessna 172SP$164.25$182.50
N363SP2001Cessna 172SP164.25182.50
N9566B1981Cessna 172RG$164.25$182.50
N105TL2003Cessna Turbo 182$233.55$259.50
N117VR1967Piper Arrow$179.55$199.50
N444FG1979Piper Archer II$150.75$167.50
N521MS2010PIper Warrior III$164.25$182.50
Red Bird2013MCX Simulator$98.55$109.50

Orange Coast College Aircraft

OCFC has partnered with OCC to provide aircraft for students of the Aviation Sciences program. These aircraft are only for rent to students in the program. For more program information, visit OCC Aviation Science.

Tail NumberYearTypeOCC Rate 
N322511974Piper Warrior$125.00
N434211974Piper Warrior$125.00
N738QB1978Cessna 172N$125.00
N117VR1968Piper Arrow$145.00