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162 Skycatcher_POH
Cessna 172 61000 Checkout Form
8710 FAA Form – This is the application for an airman certificate or rating. It is in a PDF and the information can be typed in and printed out.
Aircraft Checkout Syllabus – In order to get checked out in an OCFC aircraft, you must fill out this form. It is in a PDF format.
Cessna 172 G1000 Checkout Form (1)
Checklist for Cessna 172R and 172SP – Download the OCFC checklist for the fuel injected Cessna 172s.
Checklist for Cessna 172RG – Download the OCFC checklist for the Cessna 172RG
Checklist for the Piper Archer III – Download the OCFC checklist for the Piper Archer IIIs
Cirrus SR-20 POH Summary – Download the Cirrus SR-20 POH Summary
Client Information Sheet – This form is required to open an account, rent aircraft, and for students of OCFC
Flight Review Syllabus – This paperwork is required for getting your Flight Review with OCFC.
Garmin 400 Series Addendum – This is the addendum to the Garmin GNS430 User Manual.
Garmin GNS430 Simulator – Download this simulator to practice and learn more about the GNS430. This GPS is found in our Piper Archer III, N945DB and our Cirrus Sr-20, N745SC.
Garmin GNS430 User Manual – Download the Garmin GNS430 User Manual. This unit is in our 2000 Piper Archer III, N945DB and our Cirrus SR-20, N745SC. PDF Format
IPC Syllabus – Instrument Proficiency Check
IPC Written Exam – This exam must be filled out in order to complete an Instrument Proficiency Check
King KLN 94 GPS Quick Reference Guide – This guide is an excellent source to use in the cockpit.
King KLN 94 GPS User Manual – This is the Pilot”s Manual for the KLN 94 GPS. You will find this GPS in the 172R, 172SP and T182T as well as AST Hawk simulator
King KLN89B GPS Simulator – Download this simulator and practice using this GPS at home on your computer. The KLN89B GPS is in our Piper Archer III, N98KW.
King KLN89B GPS User Manual
King KLN90B GPS User Manual
Sandell 3308 HSI Manual for Archer 945DB
STEC 55 Auto-pilot User Manual – This manual is for the STEC 55 Auto-pilot that is installed in N945DB, N726SR