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Ground School

Cessna Ground School

Most people are busy with multiple commitments. For that reason, customer interest in the traditional classroom-based ground school has become almost non-existent. OCFC is a Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) and the core of our ground school courses is CPC’s excellent on-line curriculum. Cessna Aircraft owns the CPC program, but it was developed and is managed by King Schools, well known for their excellent training programs.

“Cessna Pilot Centers provide concise lessons, exciting visuals for fun easy learning”

This is the future of training. The courses provide step-by-step interactive lessons covering the subject areas (knowledge areas) required for the private pilot certificate and the instrument rating. They are accessible from any computer connected to the internet, which means that you have complete flexibility in terms of when you choose to take each lesson and how much time you spend per lesson. Interactive training has been used for years by airlines and the military. You read text, study illustrations, and answer questions. If a mistake is made, the appropriate text or illustration reappears for you to review. Later, you will be asked a similar question to ensure that you understand that subject. Of course, your instructor will monitor your progress and provide additional help as needed to clarify points of uncertainty.

cessnaOur approach to the ground school portion of your training experience thereby combines the best features of two approaches to teaching: Computer-based, self-paced instruction and personal interaction with your instructor focused on providing clarification and answers to questions that may remain as a result of your work on the CPC lessons. The outcome is your mastery of the material.